Freitag, 7. März 2008

Dawkins sagt das D-Wort

Ein Coup von Expelled - dessen Starttermin von Darwins Geburtstag auf den Tag vor seinem Todestag, den 18. April, verschoben wurde - scheint laut einigen Teilnehmern einer Preview, die am Dienstag stattfand, ein Interview mit Richard Dawkins zu sein, in dem dieser zugibt, dass er es für möglich hält, dass Aliens das Leben auf der Erde designt haben könnten, nicht aber Gott.

Jack Cashill meint beispielsweise:

One highlight among many is Stein´s one-on-one interview with Richard Dawkins, the dashing Brit who has made a small fortune as the world´s most visible neo-Darwinist.

To his credit, and to the utter discomfort of the public education establishment, Dawkins does not shy from discussing the atheistic implications of Darwinism.

Indeed, Dawkin´s anti-deity call to arms, The God Delusion, has sold more than a million copies worldwide. Where Dawkins wanders into a black hole of his own making is in his discussion of the origins of life on earth.

To Stein´s astonishment, Dawkins concedes that life might indeed have a designer but that designer almost assuredly was a more highly evolved being from another planet, not "God".

Und Joseph Farah, Gründer der Seite (und auf Uncommon Descent wegen seines Glaubens an überlebende Dinosaurier umstritten) schreibt:

It turns out some of the most hardened, doctrinaire anti-design zealots in the scientific establishment – people like Richard Dawkins, author of "The God Delusion" and, coincidentally, the de facto leader of the worldwide atheist movement – aren't really opposed to the notion of design at all. They just can't accept God as the designer.

You will hear some of the world's most celebrated evolutionists admit design is possible – just not by the hand of God.

They will attribute the possibility of design to visitors from other planets and even to crystals. The two things they cannot tolerate are consideration of God's role and any of their colleagues deviating from their own ideas about origins.

Hier noch eine weitere Rezension. Wann Expelled in deutschen Kinos zu sehen sein wird, ist noch offen.

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